Summit Day One - Sunday, 7 September 2014

08:30 Registration and Welcome

Registration and Welcome

09:00 Welcome Address

Dubai Chamber of Commerce

Challenge 1: Future Opportunities

09:20 Conversation with the Executives:Essential Strategies Every Retailer needs to Remain Competitive...

Essential Strategies Every Retailer needs to Remain Competitive in the Ever Changing Retail Landscape

  • Developing strategies to compete with regional and international companies in the global market place
  • Identifying innovative ways to different your brand and services
  • Focusing on delivering what shoppers need when they want it through a  memorable customer experience


HE Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al Fahim,
Paris Gallery Group of Companies
Mark Pilkington,
Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group
Geoff Upham
Managing Director - International,
Dean & Deluca
Rajiv Suri,
Majid Al Futtaim Fashion

10:00 Regional Spotlight: Retailing in the Future: Minefield or Oilfield?

  • Merging strategy with technology to navigate increasing retail industry complexity
  • How to achieve rapid expansion of locations / channels / brands while maintaining stability
  • Using big data and real time analytics to gather customer insight that can be turned into profitable actions
  • Connecting with shoppers: Finding the right mechanisms to engage with consumers digitall

10:40 Morning Networking Break

Morning Networking Break

Challenge 2: Next Gen Retailing

11:00 Case Study Mobilise Now!

  • Understanding how mobile applications improve productivity for store employees and help store and regional management work at the selling space instead of their office
  • Exploring how cyber identity can help identify your customers across all channels and provide a truly personalized shopping experience
  • Discovering how shoppers can benefit from 1:1 marketing while shopping in any channel, including geo-location, social media and loyalty integration


Darryl Owen,
Vice President EMEA,

11:30 Keynote Restructuring Retail Operations to Take Advantage of the Digital Revolution

  • Understanding how digital and mobile device are influencing today's customers
  • Choosing the right operational structure to support new trends and growth strategies
  • Adjusting customer engagement strategies to connect with customers through new channels


Mohammed Sajjad,
Head of eCommerce,
eXtra (United Electronics Co.)

12:00 Case Study The Journey from Being a Single to an Omni-Channel Retailer

  • Creating a blueprint to reaching consumers through every possible channel
  • Adopting online channels to enhance brick and mortar capabilities
  • Expanding your customer reach through mobile applications and connected devices
  • Planning seamless integration of the physical and digital to ensure a consistent experience at every touch point


Mohammed Sajjad,
Head of eCommerce,
eXtra (United Electronics Co.)

12:25 Panel Session Competing in the New Connected Retail Industry

  • Reassessing traditional business models and strategies to meet the changing consumers' needs
  • Adopting multichannel strategies to market and effectively reach new and existing shoppers with customers
  • Integrating customer facing technologies that enables digital interaction with customers and improve the online, mobile and in-store experience
  • Leveraging data collected from digital technology to better understand shopping patterns to proactively respond to consumers needs

13:05 Networking Lunch

Networking Lunch

Challenge 3: Capitalising on Your Competitive Edge

14:00 Main Panel Session:Developing the Hottest Mall Destination: Transforming Abu Dhabi's Mall Landscape

  • Overview of the latest Abu Dhabi mall projects
  • Developing strategies to propel Abu Dhabi as a premier mall destination
  • Creating differentiating factors that compliments the current and future mall landscape
  • Attracting the right brands and offerings to give customers a various choices and experiences to increase footfall

Challenge 4: Building Brand Loyalty and Customer Confidence

14:45 Improving Customer Loyalty and Creating Advocates through the Customer Experience

  • Aligning service elements with each and every customer's need
  • Focusing on creating a unique experience that builds customer confidence and earns word-of-mouth conversations
  • Ensuring consistent, valuable service that leaves a positive emotional experience
  • Empowering staff to go above and beyond customer expectations


Hani Masgidi,
‎Group CRM Manager,
AW Rostamani Group

15:15 Is Brand Loyalty Dead?

  • How has customer loyalty changed over the years?
  • What affects a consumer's brand choice?
  • What, if anything, can retailers do to retail loyalty, life-long consumers with the unlimited choices they face today?


Kavita Chakravartty,
‎Head - Loyalty, Club Apparel,
Apparel Group

16:00 Close of Summit Day One

Close of Summit Day One