Retailers face a critical choice: Innovate or Perish

The world of retail is being shaped by global economic conditions, globailisation, digitalisation and emerging new technologies. Customers are now armed with more information and have more choices that ever at their finger tips. Retailers, now more than ever, must stand out from the pack to increase their customer base and grow their bottom line.

The InRetail Summit is once again set to bring together key industry players in the retail sector to discuss, develop and deliver a well-orchestrated approach to delivering high quality customer experiences that drive business results.

The Summit features thought leadership and engaging content that focuses on the reality of the Challenges that exist and the key strategies retailers can use to take their brands forward into the world of hyper change that now surrounds us.

Over two exciting days, retailers, mall owners and solution provides will discuss and debate the top Challenges facing the industry today. Retail leaders will share their success stories and provide a powerful illustration of the way retailing is changing and how they are adapting to the new landscape. Join the discussion and learn how the world's greatest brands connect with their customers and set industry standards that continue to shape the retail industry.


  • Mall owners and developers
  • Supermarkets, hypermarkets and department stores
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Clothing, apparels and fashion
  • Food and beverage
  • Luxury brands
  • Electronic and entertainment
  • Specialty stores
  • Duty free

Who will Attend

  • SVP, VP, Head, Director, GM, Manager of:
- Retail
- Retail Property/Products
- Technology
- Procurement
- Strategy
- Marketing
- Brand Management
- Operations
- Customer Experience

Summit Focus

Challenge 1: Impact of Globalisation

Creating new business strategies and models to stay relevant and profitable in the global retail industry

Challenge 2: Expanding Your Reach

Entering into new geographical markets to increase customers and revenue

Challenge 3: Increasing Loyalty and the Bottom Line

Using customer insight to develop innovative offerings to retain current customers and boost brand loyalty

Challenge 4: Intelligent Retail Technology

Integrating new technologies to improve operations and connect with customers

Challenge 5: Creating a Customer's Paradise

Engaging customers and turning an interactive and entertaining shopping experience into profits

Challenge 6: Embracing the Digital Age

Using the internet and mobile technology to reach customers in real time

Challenge 7: Capitalising on Social Media

Using Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools to market your product and reach new customers